101116: Glöm inte Jingle Spells!

Nu börjar det närma sig december. Ni som firar jul, ska inte glömma att beställa ett exemplar av Jingle Spells 4. Här är hela låtlistan:

Oliver Boyd and the Remembralls - Out in the Cold, Wild Yonder
Harry and the Potters - When Bellatrix Came Over for Christmas/What?!
KwikSpell - Yuletide Anthem
Draco and the Malfoys - A Gift for Lucius
Siriusly Hazza P. - Baubles and Butterbeer
Seen and Unforseen - Voldemort's Secret Santa
The Whomping Willows - I Want a New Song for Christmas
Solitary Snape - Funky Xmas
The Honeyduke's Cellar Gang - The Unexpected Christmas Card
The Veelas - Hogwarts Lullaby
Justin Finch Fletchley and the Sugar Quills - Help Me Hagrid
The Purebloods - Spread the Pureblood Cheer
Undesirable #1 - Happy Christmas (A Journey)
Tonks & the Aurors - Auror Xmas
DJ Luna Lovegood - Mrs. Lovegood's Christmas Cookie Song
Leth I. Fold - Eat You on Christmas
Slytherin Soundtrack - Christmas Night (Too Much Pumpkin Juice)
The Remus Lupins - Literary Echo
Gred and Forge - Have Yourself a Harry Little Christmas

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